Growing up

It’s not easy, if it were, I wouldn’t  be writing this. That transitioning from child to adult is kind of depressing. So I would rather write about the perks of it. Like getting to be in on all the adult conversations. Puberty was fun too. I would do it all again, and I don’t just mean the discovery of hair down there, I mean all the hormones all over the place too. Feelings were felt at dangerous levels but thats what made it all worth it. Funny how time can turn puberty into golden moments, with real worth it kind of memories. Your best friend at 13 will not stay your best friend forever and that math is no where close to hard. I am a firm believer in making your own mistakes, so go ahead, try that cigarette, inhale all of it and forget to exhale. That will be a memory for an older, rustier, you. Life is no rehearsal but puberty sure did feel like one. Especially if you think about it in terms of heart breaks, kisses and friendships. The best part about growing up is seeing how far you have come, which we should all start doing a lot more.


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