The Undiscovered Talent of the 3rd world

This is a subject that hit me during a late night conversation with a good friend. We were both in bed, in Uganda, chatting about our country as a whole. Out of nowhere I decided to imagine how many people I had seen would be living different lives. By different I mean given the chance to have a good education and really utilize their talents. How many school drop outs because of financial difficulties I had encountered. As a direct consequence, how many doctors, pilots, actors, writers, you name it, Uganda was loosing. It broke my heart thinking how many little boys and girls I had met that were in love with education but had no means or access to it. Teachers have poor working conditions including low pay which we need to change. We undermine teachers so much but looking back, teachers are the reason why you and I are able to function in this sophisticated world. They taught us math and language which we use to this day. Teachers are the backbone of education but are treated like the unwanted bone. Even if Uganda has made astounding progress in education among other African countries, there is so much that needs to be done just to improve the system. That starts with more free education and better working conditions for teachers. Lack of education is why we see young girls and boys doing all these informal jobs and our hearts break. Don’t get me wrong they are still very smart entrepreneurs who manage to branch out into small niche markets. But if you take a step back and think how much further could their ideas be developed were able to receive education. Young people are vibrant with new ideas, luckily that can happen without education but education can certainly improve on those ideas. I’m obviously not in the position to make changes to the system but I’m sure not many people think of that. I guess my point is that people should think of that before undermining any kind of education. 


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