Why we all play a part of the 2017 East African famine 

We are media. We love media, we live and breathe for it. But the same media that we support only reports on Western problems. Not going to lie reading or watching the news has always been depressing for me because it’s only ever bad news, no pun intended. There’s always crises happening but these are the same crises that the Western world chooses to focus on. I only found out about the huge famine in Somalia this week. It hasn’t been an issue until you realize it’s millions that lack food and people dying daily. I believe the blame is on all of us. All of us who decided to let Western media dictate what world problems we wanted to pay attention to. And many of us it happened subconsciously, we just did not know any different. But the Somali famine is a very good example of how just how bad it can get when we let Western media dictate our truths for us. It has apparently been reported to be the biggest famine since World War Two. And so many of us were left unaware because Media did not bring it to our attention.


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