Beauty in having multiple soul mates

I believe we have multiple soulmates. Just like we have 7 people that look exactly like us out there, we have multiple soulmates. I also believe that it is very rare to meet more than 2 soulmates in a lifetime. The beauty in it is, you may have left your soulmate at the train station or even missed them because you cancelled on lunch with your friends. You could have missed the love of your life by taking the right turn into a street. So you could literally have crossed paths with all of them but in actual sense never know. Or maybe your cousin bumped into someone whose best friend’s sister could be your most compatible soul mate. I see the beauty in this because only a tiny amount of people are lucky enough to meet theirs. I also think we shouldn’t dwell on this idea too much, it’s enticing but it’s the kind that will leave your brain spiraling for hours on end. 


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