Chapter one of a novel I will never finish

The sun wasn’t bright, it was dim but warm. I sat on the plastic chairs that Susan and I had put out. My black leggings were absorbing all the heat but also all the music. Susan emerged from her phone search in her bedroom with a faded white Samsung. She was always one with that device. We could both smell the food from her kitchen and the afternoon felt like one of those that could last forever. Susan always had a certain guilt to her, you could never tell if she ever forgave herself. It happened years ago but I still saw traces of it. We sat out a little more, until the sun re-emerged from under a dark cloud we had disregarded. There it shined on us at a 90 degree angle, the air was as fresh always. It was quiet for a regular African day and in seconds we noticed we didn’t need the heat anymore. As soon as we got inside the house, I spotted her aunt Riza in the corner of my eye. She was always a hard one to evade, all she could ever feed us was judgement with a side of no hope. 

“Eh, what have you guys been up to?” she asked in her usual pestering voice. “Not much aunty…” Susan spoke for us with so much innocence and our fake smiles to accompany the look. 

“Oh… okay.” Aunt Riza answered too soon but seemed all in all confused about why she was getting an answer. We reached Susan’s room all too soon and threw ourselves on the bed. It was small but it symbolized home away from home. 

“Oh my gosh did you see what Esther and Keith got up to on Friday?” Susan asked so enthusiastically like her life depended on my answer. 

“No?!, tell me, I knew something was going on between them.” I answered because to be honest I was very invested. However as she started narrating, I couldn’t help but concentrate on the doodles I was making in her spare notebook. 


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