Put effort into those that out effort into you

I like the word try, it always shows that there is some underlying effort. I like the word effort too, because it makes me think of trying. I have grown enough to now know that putting effort into people that don’t do the same gets you nowhere. It’s a standstill at best. It’s liberating in a weird unexplainable way, when and if you decide to stop. Those that put effort into you should also receive effort back from you. I guess what I am trying to say is, spend more time on those that build you than those that don’t. Spend more time on those that see the light in you. Those that you can walk away from with a smile in your heart. People that can point out your flaws but at the same time your ‘perfectons’. Life is too tiny to spend moments on the wrong beings. Afterall, people always turn into our homes. It doesn’t matter how many times you change homes, what matters is you should always know when to walk away or if building the home is worth it. You can use that extra time usually spent on the wrong people to build yourself. Get to know you. The learning process never stops especially when it comes to being in tune with yourself. I know for a fact that I learn something new everyday about myself and I find tht more fullfilling than effort into the wrong people.





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