The artist who listened to her work 

An artist was showcasing her latest piece. The audience thought it pretty, but only accepted it as a second last draft. The artist had closed the chapter, but the audience wasn’t ready. They wanted her to go back and quickly change what they didn’t like. Just one last time. The artist was getting tired of mending and fixing at it. It had changed the way she looked at something she once loved. She took the piece back to her warehouse and was about to start doing the final touches. The art spoke to her before she started though. It told her to stop, it’s body hurt from all the modifications. It liked itself the way it was. Any more changes would turn it into something unrecognizable. Would go too far from its purpose. And what is a piece of art without purpose, it asked her. She left it untouched, the audience was going to have to accept it or she would do it for them. After all, her pieces weren’t created to be modified by everyone that saw more in her. They were created for interpretation not adjusting. It was her choice. And she chose to stop tampering with it. 


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