Why I like People 

I like people, they’re cool. Sometimes they get you and sometimes they give you an extra pen to borrow. Sometimes, they even beat you at saying what you wanted to say. Like those times they sing the song you are singing in your head. Come to think about it, It’s always a Rihanna or Drake song. Or that one song that goes *hums some unrecognizable tune*. I also like when they tell you they hate tomatoes too. It’s that not there but also there smell they have. What always gets me is when people pretend to know the movie you are talking about. And, it’s always Forrest Gump. Disclaimer: Jenny dies. Oh yeah, there’s two types of people. Those that hate spoilers, I call them Athena. And those that are born spoilers, like literally, only, ME. Anyway, back to the point is, I like people; because they are sort of the same and sort of not. I think the word for it is unique?

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