Im moving to a big(ger) city tommorow.  And in many ways it feels like a new blank. A friend of mine (T…) usually picks me up when I arrive. Unfortunately, she has work tomorrow so she can’t. So from the bus station I’m headed to wherever I don’t know. I will probably check into a hostel for the next few nights. Wanted to move to this city same time around last year. Had applied to uni for it, ofcourse things came up and different decisions were made and in late August I will be starting uni in a town I like. Most importantly, a course I applied for all beacuse its exactly what I want. But before that, I wanted to live in this big city (Berlin). So I am thankful for the fact that for the next two months, basically until the 3rd of June I will be a full time resident. Ready for the next stage of maturing.  Ready to kickstart this new blank. I hope I continue to learn a lot more about myself. May this journey never end. Sometimes, life is really sweet I can taste Kitkats in the air.


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