Midnight Gibberish 

Stay simple. I see the complexity in your simplicity. I see it. I see your edgy in your effortless. What even is effortless because if anything that was effort-full. You don’t need to pretend to love all of Warhol’s pieces. Hell the only one I know is that one with the tomato cans, or was it Coca Cola? If you don’t even know him, irrelevant, don’t beat yourself up about it, you will relate to the next line. Stop trying to justify a color you made your favorite because your dad loved it. Don’t go vegan just because Lucy did too. Do you want to spend the rest of your time being an echo? Didn’t think so. Its about time you let out your inner voice. Pretty sure you have an opinion too, just block out all the other ones. Like I said before, your opinion is the make or break it. At least as far as you.


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