Thursday recall

it was any other Tuesday, you were from work and I was on the wait. to grab drinks was your idea, to go deep was neither of ours. I saw your soul every few seconds. Nothing was awkward, I found the right safety in the wrong person. I saw you hadn't questioned too much of your life. my heart laughed with you, cried too for the person I couldn't see you becoming. drinks ended sooner than they had to. You led me to your safe haven. there we shared a joint and talked simple truths. you were good at filling those pauses, for that I refuse to label them awkward. i saw a humble side of you, found out things I didn't want to. i liked seeing your mouth speak and your personality drown it out. in your bed i was comfortable, the kiss was expected. you did it in an unexpectable manner. we continued our escapade. we didn't speak much throughout, that's what made you different. in the darkness our insecurities bonded first. we exchanged a happy kind of sad. it felt all too familiar. things wrapped up and we got back to whatsoever. i asked about a bracelet, you told me all about its sentiment, something else I didn't want to know. not wanting to know is selfish, I do it for my sanity. i joked that it was your good luck charm but believed all of it. you drove me back with terrible speed. once again, I felt safe. we joked around and I had to leave sooner. when goodbye came it was pre-rehearsed. short, and accurate. we haven't talked since. We exchanged souls and energy. it was good while it lasted.


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